The Coldest Day of the Year

Dan Sutter
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Soria Fallicorn is a fierce explorer, expert hunter, peerless warrior—and heir to the Fallicorn empire. Defying her mother’s political career, Soria hopes to forge her own destiny in the wilds of uncharted lands.

But the Fallicorn name comes with a price.

Soria's latest mission is an unexciting tour of the nation’s blustery northern villages. She’s accompanied by a brazen young speedrunner with a hatred for Fallicorns; an officer who once saved Soria’s life at an uncomfortable cost; a taciturn kennelmaster harboring secrets; and a sergeant with a penchant for terrible duck jokes.

Nothing at home is as it seems. Civil war looms. Soria and her dwindling company of soldiers and dogs must face assassins and turncoats, cannibals and monsters, and that fiercest enemy: winter.

The Fallicorn name has always come with a price. But how much is Soria willing to pay? 

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The Coldest Day of the Year

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